Wednesday, 15 October 2014

15 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog in one Month

Posted by Anshul Katiyar
Search Engine Optimization is very important for success of every blogger. We all want tones of traffic on our blog whether it have good content or not, our focus is mainly to grow more traffic in less time. So here this post have some successful tips to grow your blog traffic to 100,000 Visits a Month. Here we mention some useful methods to increase your blog traffic by learn about SEO, which is most important if you wanted to grow 1000000 of hits on your blog. We all wanted to know search engine optimization and also know the importance of getting high quality backlinks, which is one of boost way to increase your blog traffic and improve blog ranking in search engine, So in this post listed 99 way to get backlinks to your blog.

99 Ways To Get High Quality To Your Blog

1. Please do comment dofollow on your blog

2. In order to increase your blog traffic and wanted to get high quality backlinks so links to your blog to high quality forums.

3. Start submit guest post to other blogs to make quality backlinks.

4. Use social bookmarking site links Facebook,Twitter,Digg,Linkdin ect.

5. You can also use Blogging Community like Blog Engage,,

6. Use Yahoo Answers to ask question related blogging and also link your blog in your question and answers

7. Interlink your blog post when you are writing post on your blog or in guest post.

8. Submit your blog in other big blogging directory.

9. Also submit your post to top web directory.

10. Ask your friends and family to like your blog or blog Facebook page.

11.  Submit your blog to all social bookmarking website so that it will got more popularity in less time.

12. Review your blog on other review websites, which enable you to submit review in free of cost.

13. Submit your post to stumpleupon.

14. Submit rss feed of your blog to various rss directories.

15. Always try to write high quality content for your blog.


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