About WhatBigNext

WhatBigNext is an Entrepreneurs ,Start-up and Technology Blog and looking at integrating and interacting with the world . Our main aim is to cover all Startups story and their Business and marketing model which helps other to get sucess. Many of us keep on thinking that why we in India do not have Startups like Facebook and Google , Because we have more valuable Startups but lacking is in our society. Here in India we are not giving importance to Startups they are not getting funding easily they are now suffering for surival this not because they do not having potential to to survive but this becase they do not having a proper platform but now this thinking and situation is changing and now it is time to see potential of Indian Startups. We are writing not for making money we are writing on this blog because this is our passion,our love. WhatBigNext is not only write articles,we also interact with our viewers.

What are Topics which we are Covering?

  1. Startup story including their business model, Marketing strategy which enable them to grow and shows their presence.
  2. Technology News like News of Mobile, Laptops, Internet and Computer and much more.
  3. Inspirational story which helps our readers to get inspired by those who are doing or who change the way of thinking and living of human being . Here we are trying to come with those story which provide a good moral and helps to create a big revolution in your mind.
  4. Social Story's
  5. On WhatBigNext we are specially write about our local women startup founders because we fell then also need to be listed here, and we are not doing any favour actually its our deputy to write about what people love, and today deamands is some awesome startup storys.
  6. Here on WhatBigNext we weekly post a awesome interviews of some awesome startup founder, who make us happy with their awesome startup story.
  7. After all of this we also write about some life hacks.
  8. We are also writing on some Tips and Tricks on some most important topics which you will easily find on our Tips&Tricks section.

Man Behind WhatBigNext

WhatBigNext is started by Amit Aggarwal on 15 Jan 2013. Amit Aggarwal is the student of class 11 commerce. I love blogging and do not write for making money here I write for making change in society, helping other and try to make possible to cover each and every story which needs to be listed, that's why you can see here no Ads are place in this blog. 
You may contact him by him on Facebook fan page fb.com/whatbignext or you can contact blog by click on Contact Page

At last I want to say a big Thanks to you all form visiting our blog and for knowing more about us.