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Why Rahul Yadav is Considered as Drama King of Startup World

Posted by Anshul Katiyar
All know who is Rahul Yadav, But still you are not any knowledge about him then let me tell, Rahul Yadav is Ex CEO and Co-founder of Real Estate portal Rahul Yadav is came from a city called Alwar which is locate in Rajasthan, India. He is the one state topper in his time but at same year he is unable to get qualifying marks to get admission in any IIT's. After a dropout of one year he gave exam again and this time he successfully get IIT Bombay. In his collage time he is most popular for his intelligence and he is also appointed as class representative, Radav also started some small startup's in his collage time like which a previous year exam paper portal and a recharge website like Recharge123. Rahul was not so happy with our eduction system and he was too much board with this system that's why he chose to left collage. After left IIT B Rahul starts building his startup called Housing which was born in his third year when some of his friend wants to find a room in Mumbai but they are not getting any of their need that's why Rahul started his another venture which a real estate search engine which helps to find House, Flat, Hostel, PG's, House for rent and much more.
Rahul Yadav

Rahul wants to build his product like a premium service which is ever provide a quality service, Some of example which tell that they really making a quality product is that Radav purchases domain and a customer care number 33333-33333 in 1 million dollar. He is never going to compromise with their dream to take Housing to next level where other competitors never dream to reach.

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The Housing Saga started in year 2015, when Rahul Yadav is most covered startup related news in media. Rahul Yadav sent a vulgar mail to sequoia capitals who is one of inverter in their firm and they shared that mail in public, Don't worry it is only a start.

Rahul vs Shailendra
After this incident the another big step is Rahul Yadav resignation from the position of CEO in Housing. This news really helps him to clear his image of drama man of startup and he really got too much popularity after all of that which is noticed in this Facebook account following by his fans.
The next big step is to change his mood and rejoin his position of CEO, but some day later his official statement on Facebook again create a big story he say's “I don’t think you guys are intellectually capable enough to have any sensible discussion anymore''. After this housing saga is continuous some days like Rahul release a statement that he will going his all share to his employs and now money is not matters in his life and then rahul again post a statement that Board ask him that '' what he is with out Housing''. This clearly tells that Rahul Yadav who is CEO and founder of Housing is fired from his job which is his own firm.

So what's Next, what happen's to Rahul Yadav?

Now I think a intelligent brain never gets stop and some days before Rahul disclose his new startup called Intelligent Interface.
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