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Freecharge Growth Story and How It is Now Top in Indian Startup

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Freecharge is a online recharge platform which is now expanded it self in recharging or paying Electric Bill, Water Bill, Recharge Mumbai Metro Card, Pay Landline Bills and much more. Freecharge is a brand which is running the under name Accelyst Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Freecharge is started in late 2010 by Kunal Shah and Sandeep Tandon. Kunal Shah is MBA dropout and known as formal CEO and Co-Founder of Freecharge, In 2010 Kunal got a idea to start a coupon cum recharge website, which give free coupons of exact amount of which user do recharge on thier platform. This is master idea behind the success of Freecharge and it helps Freecharge is give equal competition to Which is one of Top Online Recharge Platform, started by Vijay Shekhar Sharma).

Some Reasons, Why Freecharge is Now Successful Startup

1. Come With New Coupon Idea

Freecharge is not mainly launched for solving recharge problem, but actually when they started their website their first moto is that to provide such a coupon which is equal in amount of recharge which user done on Freecharge, actually they wanted to provide a Freecharge recharge for their customers, that's why website name is Freecharge, which means Free+Recharge. This coupon idea helps them a lot user like this website and at the end of 2010 Freecharge is doing 1 Mn recharge daily with 10 Mn registered users on their Platform. The main view of Freecharge is to earn money from coupon merchants because recharge is very less margin business and it is not considered good to make money. Kunal wanted to provide maximum interest to coupon merchants website and it also helps in Freecharge growth.

2. Good Publicity Plan

Freecharge knows that youth is their main target to get their startup successful, so they visit many Colleges and also sponsored various colleges feast and fairs. Freecharge also made partnership with TVF ( The Viral Fever a YouTube Channel ) Qtiyapa, and ask them to make use of their Freecharge Website to recharge mobile phone in episode, TVF did not directly advertise Freecharge but as the way they present the episode it actually seems that Freecharge Publicity is main focus of episode, after this YouTube episode Freecharge also made partnership with various other big movies and multiplex to show the sponsored partner Freecharge and also runs their ads during interval in any movie. All of these steps helps Freecharge to become India's most successful startup ever.

3. Facebook Marketing Strategy

Freecharge team correctly understand the real power of Facebook and they knows that Facebook is one of top most place for them to platform for promoting their Recharge cum Coupon website, So Freecharge Team create many Facebook Fake profile of beautiful girl which simply post or share all the content like a original girl do and then after girl got thousands of friends with in weak, Team starts promoting Freecharge and its various products on girl profile, this is masterstock played Freecharge to get millions of user from Facebook and actually they are all are loyal customers, this stragety also helps Freecharge to get more than millions Facebook Page Likes on their Freecharge Facebook Page.

4. Focus More On Mobile

Once Freecharge starts getting popular then they are keep trying to understand their customer behaviour, they finally understands that mobile have grate potential and people is more preferring Mobile as compare to Computer, So then they immediately launched their first android mobile app and also starts working more on mobile to improve the payment or recharging experience on Mobile Website or Mobile App.
After launching Mobile App Freecharge amazed with the App uses, Freecharge get to know that after launching Mobile App or Mobile Website, the 70% of transaction happens on platform happens on Mobile. So choosing mobile platform for their website is very helpful to increase both their users and and transactions upto 200%.

5. Change Interface of Whole Website

In the starting of year 2013, Freecharge Teams starts working on their website front end and changed their complete website UI, After that UI is totally clean and easy and looks great, this also helps in making Freecharge as a good Brand in online world.

6. Appoint New CEO Alok Goel

Kunal bring new CEO Alok Goel because he knows that company really needs Alok Goel to fell success like rocketship, He ask Goel to join Freecharge and try every way to convinced him and also ready to left CEO position also. Alok Goel is perfect for company who better understand customers and also know that who to optimized website for Google.

Selling Freecharge To Snapdeal

After all of that in year 2015, Snapdeal acquires Freecharge in 400 Mn according to Yourstory, and this is considered as India's largest startup take over. After the acquiring Freecharge, Snapdeal launched a video which tell why they acquire Freecharge, and Kunal also seems happy with deal, He say's:

I know that Freecharge is having a potential to grow 2000% more. But I also knows that its is not possible until we understand its potential, We should stop treating our startup as wife, felt them like a growing child and then experience its fly in clouds.
Kunal is currently working as same as CEO of company and he is ready to make its startup as best startup's in world.


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